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Welcome to Softikon
Softikon provides value as a true partner and by understanding industry trends and emerging technology backed by real-world experience.We deliver solutions based on best practices and methodologies .
Who we are:
A company having roots deep in business consulting domain. We fly high but keep our roots in ground. We are ideally positioned to be our client's trusted, independent advisor.
Software giant, Microsoft might soon launch its Office software suite for devices running on Google's Android platform as well as Apple devices, according to reports.

Application Software Development We build custom applications for every aspect of your business. Our cost effective solutions will streamline your operations, reduce costs, and boost the bottom line.

Web Services & E-commerce
Target a new market with our expert Web services and e-commerce solutions. Our Web services and shopping cart technologies will make you competitive with the best companies online. Server and Networking Softikon's technical consultants can build an effective office network or make your existing network more stable and efficient.

Enterprise Application Development
Softikon develops enterprise applications to mange every aspect of your business including real time inventory management, CRM, shipment and fulfillment tracking.

Cloud Infrastructure and Application Development
Softikon develops enterprise applications in Microsoft Azure cloud Infrastructure to mange and support all  technology platforms including Windows and Linux and other opensource techlonologies.

Server and Networking Applications
Softikon's technical consultants can build effective tools that will make optimize and stabilize your network or server configuration.

Database Design
We specialize in custom database design, developing applications that improve performance and streamline business. Our technology integrates with all major database platforms.

CRM Software
Softikon's Customer Relationship Management Solutions grow and protect your business's most valuable asset - your customers.

Our custom software will help you to understand, communicate, and satisfy your customer better than your competition. At the same time, our solutions will reduce expensive administration costs by automating time consuming tasks.

Workflow Software
Softikon provides affordable and effective workflow tools that will simplify and streamline complex business processes. We customize our solutions to your business, creating tight controls over your operations while giving it the flexibility it needs. Proven in the most demanding business environments, our software gives structure that can increase revenue and reduce costs. If errors plague your production cycle or multiple locations and large staffs complicate your business, then you will benefit from workflow software. Regardless of industry, effective workflow software can boost productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs. By enforcing best business practices through workflow controls, managers can stop micromanaging and worrying about unnecessary dependencies and mistakes. Unlike "out of the box" software, Softikon's custom workflow solutions bring order to the most distributed and complex operations because they are built around your business. Every business is different - your competitive edge may be a result of a unique work structure. By analyzing your ideal workflow scenario, Softikon designs software that reinforces efficiency and eliminates waste. Our tools employ features used by the worlds most effective companies. Job assignment, permission hierarchies, collaboration tools, personal workspaces, manager approval and rejection, and job tracking and reporting are features Softikon can offer your business. Don't let inefficiency obscure your company's target and dull its competitive edge. Automate your operations with Softikon's custom workflow solutions and focus on what your business does best.

Content Management Software
The lack of robust content management software can handicap a business. Manual production, lost data, long publication cycles, and data corruption limit growth and increase costs.

Softikon's proven Content Management Systems build powerful content sites and internal data systems that are customized to your specific business and production cycle. Best of all, our solutions give you the power to control company data to the managers who are responsible for it.

With Softikon's custom content management software, you can now manage large, content-rich web sites and intranets that would traditionally require a large technical staff and several expensive programs to run. Every system we develop offers easy-to-use tools that allow you to add and edit content, create logical contextual cross links, and define the site structure - all through a Web interface.

Although we design our software to be simple to use, we also make it extremely powerful. Our goal is to deliver flexible solutions that grow with your business. The tools build and manage large numbers of documents and complex content hierarchies. Compelling, image-filled articles or new site categories can be created in seconds, and our administration tools make content location and editing a snap. Our unique template system separates content from code - HTML is not required to make Web documents that compare favorably to the best sites on the Web. All of these features will be configured to your requirements and designed to meet your future demands.

Softikon's development process ensures that our software will meet your business and technical requirements and exceed your expectations. We deliver our solutions on time and on budget, so you don't have to worry about upward spiraling costs and missed deadlines.

Requirements Analysis
Our project management methodologies ensure that our technology solutions meet your business needs.

Systems Analysis
Ensure that your technology systems are able to support your business without cutting into your profits.

IT Outsourcing and Consulting
Outsource any aspect of your technology for a cost effective alternative to in-house development and support.

Software Testing and QA
Make sure that you find and fix software errors before your customers notice them. Our thorough QA methodologies ensure that every application you run will be bug free and effective.

Intranet Development
Improve internal communications, consolidate manage your corporate knowledge base, and establish effective workflow controls through our powerful intranet tools. We build custom solutions for all business types.

Web Design
Your Web site should represent the quality of your business. Our expert design team will create the image that your customers will respect.

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